Financing of such proceeds swap operation was stopped

Financing of such proceeds swap operation was stopped

on November 23, the new deal implemented financing transactions, financing margin minimum percentage is increased from 50% to 100%, leverage ratio of no more than twice times to no more than 1 time. On November 26, reported the SFC to several brokerages issued through over-the-counter derivatives business to customer financial funds for customers trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and new three Board listing, the shares of listed companies.

This is since field outside distribution funding was inventory zhihou, regulatory layer on lever trading again for limit of and a initiatives, domestic well-known third party financial institutions Ka Feng Swiss de Senior Financial Division William think November CSI cities and venture Board of frequently shocks let regulatory layer awareness to has lever trading investment has comeback of potential, to tame market of fluctuations, guarantees stock investment of rational sound, prevention system sex risk, again to lever trading for set limited.

and zhiqian market inventory of field outside distribution funding mode similar, currently was SFC stopped of stock returns swap business, its real is a financing tool, customer through returns swap get lever funds, has lever effect, lever multiples can up 3-5 times, can for purchase stock, and bonds,, and the was SFC stopped of main is for has financing function of swap business, this trading has strong of lever sex, and concealment more strong, once scale had Assembly to market brings risk. And financing transactions before the implementation of the new policy is in the enthusiasm of the financier's background, in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets after balances exceed 1.2 trillion of financing, regulators have a wary of financing the rapid growth of, after all, 6, 7, 83 months can clearly remember the stock market crash, so new policy aimed specifically at financing leverage.

in no occurred unit disaster zhiqian, stock returns swap business has large of was as a added lever investment stock market of tool, unit disaster occurred zhihou, regulatory layer first regulation cleanup of is field outside distribution funding, zhihou specific cleanup of also has umbrella trust, but for stock returns swap business does not has official of limit file, and returns swap as a field outside derivative products, actual operation in the was large for financing stock, theory of scale body volume reached qianyiji don't.

and in Ka Feng Swiss de Senior Financial Division William seems, once engaged in returns swap business of customer to avoid shares fell risk, in market trading in the fast into fast out on will raised stock of strongly fluctuations, not conducive to stock of stable, recently CSI cities market trend although uplink blocked, but disc in the shocks dramatic, recently of example is November 26 Prev disc in the of times shocks, early disc in slightly high open Hou diving, afternoon again shocks rose, then shocks down, 0.34% closed down, stock market turbulence interferes with the admission of the investor sentiment, and the limited stock return swaps to share running smoothly for a long time.


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