5 financial concept of deviation will make your investment make money

5 financial concept of deviation will make your investment make money

why some people invest in one year was duly completed make money, very relaxed? Others, investment is always up and down, made a loss, lost money, not prudent in the end and lost. Among these, the domestic wealth manager Jiafeng Financial Planner Reed believes that ideas of which there may be some deviations, including:

1 and impractical, unrealistic to want to make money gambling, usually want overnight. In traditional Chinese culture, gambling is heavier. In casinos abroad, often Chinese identity, you can see that Chinese Casino, gambling. Gamble, Jia Feng Shui de money managers think, is not to play, to buy lottery, lottery which is not too much, but too much here, spent a great deal of money is not worth it. Each month hundreds of, no matter what forms of gambling, is not cheap. Of course, excessive gambling may also be included in other investment transactions.

2, so-called hedging does not hedge one investment, too much emphasis on things to see and believe that the real value. In modern societies, funds are flowing, physical investment, have fallen. For example, real estate investment, now may need time and optional, not the golden age of real estate a few years ago, more than 10 years ago, seeing vote, the price will rise. While gold is similar to after many years of rising gold may now remain in a "low" State, if its "hedge" held may face loss of opportunity cost. In other words, buy gold coins to make other investments, also can earn a lot. While holding the gold, if you are not up for a long time, and is the equivalent of losing.

3, lack of balance, concentration of risk in investment, do not know how to spread investment risk is more dangerous. For many investors love stocks, for example, insist on a balance of risks is important. You can't put all the money to invest in stocks, in case of a contingency, investment is likely to have a large area of loss, so the proportion of investment, should be controlled. Suggest a high risk of stock investment, investment ratio as a proportion of investable funds, should not exceed 30%. Some remaining investment safe and sound investment, such as fixed-income products in the stable advantage select Fund.


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