White collar financial appreciation of the six ways

White collar financial appreciation of the six ways

end of the year, partners for a year's hard work, and some have already start preparing year-end awards for their work. However, the new people you just work a year or two, even if you have a lot of money, and how can it?

in this regard, the well-known domestic wealth manager Jiafeng Rhett's advisers believe that, in the present case of bank deposit rates low, investment market is better, than choose the right time, some initial money to earn wealth and perhaps would be better. These include: a: long-term investment in your stock is a good investment, possible to obtain high yields, if you encounter a bull market, a year is not a question of 20%. Even if the market in the long term investment, General 3-5, even more investment, stock gains are higher than those of bank earnings. But higher risk of stock investment and how to avoid it?

in fact, you can choose different risks to invest in a basket of stocks, blue-chip stocks, growth stock portfolio, you can better spread the risks. However, for stock investment, Jia Feng Shui de financial planner recommended to keep good, do not invest too much, overall investment ratio is too large, to avoid financial risks as a whole.

way two: allocation fund in addition to direct investment stocks, investing in stock funds is also an option. Select a basket of stocks that are similar to personal practices, fund companies with professional look for you a selection of many stocks, and always stare operations, help you secure the best return on investment. However, the stock fund investment is riskier, but not directly invest in stocks so high, it is also suitable as a long-term asset allocation choices.

way three: banking banking banking banking products, a robust, safe, are also more common varieties in the past, but for now, its investment advantages is not very big. At present, yields on bank financial products only in the 4.5%-5.5%, compared with the previous 7% that return, the difference a lot.

but the more conservative investors, or you can choose banking products. Way four: fixed-income product investment in fixed-income products, is one of the new investment. For example stability advantage select Fund, income depending on the period of investments and investment income, and 7 levels of yield in 6%-11.5%, gain, is still very good, and a low risk investment. But the investment threshold requirements are higher than bank financing products.


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