Household income and expenditure balance balance of spare cash value?

Household income and expenditure balance balance of spare cash value?

"banking case"

after attending the reunion, who lives in xuhui district, Shanghai City ladies have a new understanding of financial management. She used to think "save money, save more" is to take charge of all financial, but after communicating with friends found that he understood far too limited, financing is not only confined to save money, save money, and rational investment to make the family more rapid accumulation of wealth.

Zhang was a thrifty woman, household expenditure can be controlled within a reasonable range, other than payments always balances, therefore, the family has accumulated a lot of wealth. For now, Lady Sun after consulting with her husband, decided to spare do some investment in savings out of the Bank, and at the recommendation of a friend to the well-known third-party banking institutions Jiafeng Rhett consulting.


benefit investments, assets preservation and appreciation.

"financial circumstances"

1) monthly payments: Zhang Jia was double income families, parents are old and retired, husband and his monthly wage (25,000) is the family's main source of income. Although income is not high, but Ms Zhang has always been thrifty and monthly household expenses are reasonable, if not for the holiday gift-giving, family illness and other special circumstances, probably monthly household expenditure remained at 10,000 yuan. 2) assets and liabilities: lack of understanding of finance and investment, Zhang has not found the right kind of investment, household assets in savings in the form of deposits in the Bank. For now, there are about 500,000 yuan in fixed deposits, demand deposits of 50,000 yuan.

insofar as liability is concerned, the reason because a loan to buy a House, Zhang still owes part of the mortgage, the balance is about 120,000 yuan, but could be paid off within two years. In addition, Zhang and his wife have a son, 18 years old, was reading high school, will take the college entrance examination next year. After college entrance examination to University may be needed to pay the high cost of education.


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