End of exclusive bank financial products "unexpected" fall from grace

End of exclusive bank financial products

at the end of the past, banks often elderly people queuing in the morning, some of these people, many are snapping up a number of financial products. Because usually the end, banks faced pressure to assessment, capital returns, tend to launch high usually benefits the banking products to get fed. Sales of these products is limited, therefore, there have been some buying. Well-known Jiafeng Rhett's advisers point out that wealth management institutions, Bank exclusive products, higher yields than the usual one or two.

but this year, issuing banks snapping up seemed less enthusiastic. Is an investment in the form of more active stock market, many stock market. In addition, young people seem more is not interested in bank financial products, in addition to stocks, many to invest in higher-yielding investments such as P2P. According to the market, the bank financial products this year, Central Bank interest rate cuts, and generally to a looser monetary policy, Bank funding pressures greater than before. Economic activity is not high, fewer loans in real estate, manufacturing, and banks don't pay out so little money. So the current "end of exclusive" product, given the expected rate of return, also dropped a lot. According to statistics from the jiafengruide over the past week, average yields of bank financial products is 4.3%.

often in the past issued high-yield products of medium and small city commercial bank, a city in Zhejiang, in the Bank's new products, expected rate of return is below 5%, only a line of exclusive products to high net worth clients, yields 5%, the yield to maturity is 5.1%. Financial product of the year, income was no surprise, it can be said, this year's bank financial products may collectively "fall from grace" for investors. Sound bank financial products less attractive, what investment options do you have?

in this regard, the Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that investors may wish to focus on fixed-income products, or some stock-market investments in associated products. Fixed-income products, the current market yields of around 5%-10%, such as the stability advantage select Fund, yielding a month investment period is 6%, is 9% a year, is also good. Investors not only have to choose to invest in stocks. Stock related products, such as stock funds, index funds, mixed funds, investment risk is relatively smaller direct investment stocks, so investors can make the appropriate configuration.


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