Women in finance and investment, 5 points to grasp

female consumption can often drive many related consumption and employment growth. Even Jack Ma of Alibaba, on more than one occasion thanks to the contributions of women to Taobao. In addition to consumption, people pay attention to financial and women how to prepare it? How to solve basic problems? In this regard, the well-known financial planner at wealth manager Jiafeng Red also did some Combs, hope can help to grasp the essentials of women, so to invest and make money:

1, removing fear an investment, a lot of women first associated with some investments, stocks failed, leading to family breakdown, example of living down. In this regard, Jiafeng financial planner Reid believes that this may be Korean, Hong Kong saw a lot of sake (just kidding). In fact, for investment, not all of them are full of danger. Risk investment market is a segmentation of the market, there are different levels of risk of investment products, you can choose according to their own risk tolerance to different levels of risk.

2, blindly following the trend to invest in addition, do not blindly following the trend to invest in, it is important, according to their financial situation, their family's financial situation and needs to choose the investments, and assigns the appropriate funding. Such as when the stock was good, seeing around almost all of us stocks in droves, that you don't have to invest all of my money on it. Haven't recovered, refer to 6、7、8yue the domestic a-share stock market crash this year. -Bet investment, many middle-class families of wealth destroyed.

3, more choice, more likely that many investors believe that investment is equities, stock investment, draw an equals sign between them. In fact, scientific investment programme should contain a variety of investment components, and combination of different varieties of investment risks, is a portfolio.

so, both to spread investment risks, and also get a more reasonable profit. For stocks, there is some investment plans, such as Bolivians MOM security investment plan that, except perhaps to float revenue also provides fixed income 7%. In addition, ETF funds, mixed funds, investment vehicles, they were indirectly invested in equities, but the risk level is relatively lower direct investment stocks. Therefore, an investment choice, on more than one possible, but also to reduce the risk. For most people, would be beneficial.

4, not the blind pursuit of high income women, usually with careful, patient characteristics, but in some ways, as with men, lack of investment, this is human nature. Jiafeng Reid financial planner reminder for some money, not blindly pursuing higher returns on investments. Typical P2P products, part of the promised high returns, there may be a greater investment risk. At present, the P2P industry's average yield at around 6%-15%, higher expected return, you may want to watch out for the success of your investment back to this problem.


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