Break up the family "Haze", all by five strokes

into winter, fog haze weather again raging North Earth, whole seat city like yunshanwuzhao General, especially Beijing, fog haze index series burst table, has serious effect to residents of daily, and from investment financial angle Shang see, family financial in the also also has "fog haze", if no was caused warning, is has may led to family wealth of loss, following is domestic well-known third party financial institutions Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division summary of dispersed family financial "fog haze" five enrollment, let you of family wealth not by "fog haze" of shrouded.

a "adjustable" family financial to told overall, while and need account aspects of details, most important of is family financial of structure, some family is didn't can achieved family wealth of hedge value-added, always feel family financial was fog haze shrouded as, see no family financial of direction, is because family financial structure chaos, didn't can real achieved family assets of maximum using value, Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division recommends, while is according to himself family by at of development stage, Adjusting their family allocations in real time; on the other, are adjusting their allocations of family wealth, make bank deposits, financial products, fixed assets accounted for more than a reasonable and balanced, rather than tend to deposit or some sort of investment.

two "bi" family finance funds that can be used is a property shared by the members of the family as a whole, it must be to strengthen the control of family finances risk, learn to minimize risk, the risks include two aspects: one is the risk of devaluation of the household wealth shrinks; the other is configuration risk of financial products in household wealth. Based on this two big aspects of risk, Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division of recommends is a is don't will family idle funds all exists Bank, because in current of low interest rates times has hard guarantee family wealth of hedge value-added; II is with professional of financial institutions all of wind control team advantage for himself of family financial all, that can configuration professional of financial institutions promotion of financial products, because professional of financial institutions will has himself selection financial products of standard and program, and in master financial information and risk put control aspects to is better than personal.

three "vote for" three "vote" popular just can't make idle sleeping family, to take the initiative to configure products. Investment financial may lost, but not investment financial, wealth must devaluation, family financial cannot clinging to bank deposits, to less holds currency, more configuration financial products, in configuration financial products Shang to long short-term reasonable match, investment returns and investment risk also to according to himself of family of economic strength and bear capacity to selection, cannot blind follow, for example maturity of family financial, in configuration financial products Shi on can appropriate adjustable high risk, and returns slightly high of financial products of funds distribution proportion, And long-term family-best to configure sound financial products, for example have been issued to fifth and market reaction to a good steady advantage select Fund is robust good choice in financial products.

four "bulk" four "bulk" is dispersed investment, this is financial often mentioned of strategy, family financial in for dispersed investment Shi may to involved more field, this is by family of wealth has volume and family structure by decided of, while is fixed assets of investment, for example property, for many family, is just needed, in meet family members live of while, future also can has appreciation of space; on the is financial assets of investment, including stock, and Fund, and trust and bank financial products,, These can be family finance diversification, diversification can select channels. But note that the family wealth management products to diversify is not better, but to control, not blindly, and directed fragmentation was diluted household wealth will return on its investment.

five "stay" five "stay" refers to family finances to learn our bridges, not excessive use of idle family funds to finance and investment. Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division think, in for financial of while also should enough family daily petty cash, this also including family emergency petty cash, both guarantees family of daily funds of normal flow, and for may appeared of emergency situation reserved emergency alternate funds, cannot only investment financial and not integrated consider daily by needed of liquidity, due to this pen family petty cash on liquidity of requirements is high, General is to current deposits of form exists Bank, also can took out family daily of life costs put in balance treasure in the, Earn higher yields than bank deposits 0.35%.


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