After collect gift drop Black friend isn't honest, think and grow rich has to learn these three tips

there are countless ways to make money, every day someone found a new business opportunity, someone who made a success. Not long ago, everything surfers has found a new "rich" means, that is married received gifts, after you receive the gifts pull black friends. If you read between the lines of this rich source of inspiration, it also was a rare news event to begin. According to news reports, a Miss Wang said Shashi, he just sent his wedding to TINGTING years contact classmates Member's money on being black, while at the same time, he also pulled several other students were black, and withdrew from the students.

Ann analysis of these black students, many of them are not married, graceful it is possible "to avoid" possible future "in return". So, this news came out, friends are all talking about dating principles at the same time, have fun, find a new "rich" means. However, this miracle of "rich" means not only earn too little, can make you lose friends friendship, I believe that we should all be rejected.

in fact, think and grow rich: why make such an unwise move?

as long as there is money-making ideas and determination, and are willing to work, you can find a lot of rich ways. In this article, well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng Rhett financial planner to introduce several effective get rich to choose.

1, to enhance their career values of for rich, a lot of people I know have a lot of limitations, most of them believe that only when the boss to the success of their own, to be truly rich. In fact, venture when the boss is just a way to get rich, work for someone else, hard at work, not necessarily cannot be an enrichment method. Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that as long as they can enhance their personal values in the workplace, salaries are rising, getting rich is only a matter of.

2, have the courage to invest in financial management in many rich sources, the investment is a very important one, and if you can use, individuals and families will bring unexpected wealth gains. As a simple example, if you have 200,000 yuan, you put it in the Bank, can only get 1.5% interest income a year. But if it is used to configure a steady advantage select Fund, annual returns as high as 9%, that is, to benefit 18,000 yuan a year. By contrast, investment than savings wealth gain is much much more is it?

3, try a small business many people have entrepreneurial ideas, but the less we really be put into practice. In most cases, they were not being obstructed by difficult, but by his own scare. They think that starting a higher cost, but I have no money. In fact, this was just an excuse, entrepreneurship is not tens of millions, there are some small businesses, like derivative, Taobao shop. Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that if there is no too much venture capital, may wish to consider the cost of small business, not only the risk is low, income is also significant.


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