The Fed raising interest rates soon, how to manage their money will not be "shearing"

recently, Fed President Yellen frequently said, for fed December raised interest rates campaign, and reiterated postponed raised interest rates may led to future suddenly tightened currency policy of views, hinted fed in December raised interest rates of track Shang, and for general investors,, fed raised interest rates is "cut wool", because in United States raised interest rates Hou, will caused market funds return United States, on market, is bad, short-term within market capital outflow pressure larger, looted of just global emerging market of wealth, Will also eat into investor's personal wealth, well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng senior financial planner William Reid think early diversified asset allocation is necessary at the moment, which prevent the Fed's rate hikes were "shearing" preventive effect.

caprice – steady investment in global financial markets status quo in Yellen suggested in December the Fed raising interest rates is possible option when the European Central Bank kept its main refinancing rate on 0.05% unchanged, but the overnight deposit rate cut by 10 basis points to-0.3%, quantitative easing and then intensified, while the United States December interest rate hike expectations are becoming more intense. With European Bank further cut of announced, Europe of policy differentiation has as expected increased, this two big Bank policy differentiation very easy caused world financial markets of unrest, then spread to domestic not mature of financial markets, for hand Yuan of general investors,, Ka Feng Swiss de Senior Financial Division William think only has by sound type investment status quo, because in domestic "low interest rates" even is "negative interest rate" of big background Xia, handheld cash undoubtedly is devaluation shrink of, Investing in the stock market and the uncertainties in the market especially the influence of the Fed raising interest rates, is too risky.

as to diversified investment strategy for relies on of Ka Feng Swiss de Bolivians MOM securities investment plans apparently can effective should unpredictable of financial markets: ① Bolivians MOM intends hired market top fund management people, investment Yu CTA strategy, and neutral quantitative hedge strategy and trend track strategy, different investment direction, through closely thoughtful of risk control system design effective smooth risk, gets continued of performance growth, to help customer effective prevention from external of financial unrest risk; ② the current stock markets remain volatile, market inefficiency increased quantitative hedging opportunities increase, the Bolivians MOM cumulative revenue hedging strategy, which can also help customers in volatile city in investment income, and have been issued to 11th and market reputation is very good.


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