Spring Festival tourism Island, how to invest to earn "money"

"banking case"

candy is a cartoon Designer, monthly income of 15,000. In Shanghai, the largely upper-middle level of income, so that candy's life was a "moist". For years, like anime candy wanted to "island" Japan tour, just time out. This year, Xiao Tang plans to put into action, decided before the Chinese new year visa to go to Japan. Xiao Tang Jia in Shanghai, domestic conditions are better, a House and a car, own assets in addition to real estate, but there are hundreds of thousands of, relatively worry-free life. For the travel, small Tang's budget is around 20,000 yuan. Prior to that, candy want to pass the other way to get some "subsidy", his parents suggested that it can use existing funds to invest.

"financial recommends"

on this, Shanghai Shang well-known financial institutions Ka Feng red of financial Division recommends small Tang, if wants to earned some funding tourism words, may wish to can take following of way for investment, recommends is: 1, and 50,000-500,000 around of short-term investment first, if to raised funds, through investment, need has must of stability, meanwhile, returns also cannot too low. Comprehensive comparison, of mainly investment bank financial products available, as well as some fixed-income investment products. Banking products, investment threshold is not high, only 50,000, ordinary individuals or families are suitable for yield at around 4.5%-5.5%. As in previous years the end of the time, banks will launch a number of exclusive products for cash.

these exclusive products, yields a little higher than usual, and more popular. However, the situation this year, the Central Bank's monetary easing policy, does not seem to lack of funds, so the Bank launched exclusive products at the end of the rate of return, probably not very high, depending on the circumstances, to choose, see right you can configure. In addition, some can also invest in fixed-income products, but the investment threshold is higher, at about 200,000. But these higher yields on fixed-income investment products, such as the stability advantage select Fund, revenue at an annual rate of 6%-11.5%.

short-term products, 1 month annual yield is 6%, 3 months is 7%, as such investment can also choose to configure and more secure. After the expiration of the investment in the short term, candy and then take out principal and interest receipts for travel expenses. 2 in addition, long-term investment, Jia Feng Shui de advisers also recommend candy to consider long-term investment in the future. Long-term investment, it may be appropriate to consider equity investments. Investments such as stocks and stock funds, securities etc.

for the first two investments have some risk, therefore, the investment ratio should not be too high so as not to affect the overall financial security. In addition, securities investment category, such as Bolivians MOM stock investment plan, offers 7% protected income plus floating investment income, this type of investment plan, taking a hedging strategy, can effectively hedge against market risks, therefore, returns are very stable, and also to enjoy the rally "dividend". More than three, if it is a long-term investment, all investment targets that can be selected.


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