The formation of family assets to make it offensive and defensive?

investment banking is like a war without gun smoke. In this war, money is our soldiers, and market changes are affecting our investments benefit the main enemy. In order to win the war, investors must be properly "formations", assigned to each "soldier" role, to play the biggest role, bring him the final victory. Then, in the course of finance and investment, how can family assets assigned to attack it?

well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng Rhett's advisers believe that, from the layout with the following three aspects. First, the vanguard. Investment objective is to generate revenue. In order to be able to get more return on investment, at the time of allocation of funds to the appropriate risks, selecting stocks, futures and junk bonds so high risk, but the benefits are also very considerable investment. But be reminded that, for a typical family, in order to ensure the financial security of families, and as absolutely speculative, short-term speculation funds should be controlled between 10%-15%.

Secondly, the attacking forces. Only choose for their own actual conditions of financial investments, in order to get the desired benefits. For a typical family, investment is safe. Therefore, Jia Feng Shui de financial planner suggested, want to make the family assets are growing steadily, still need to put up some money to investment risks and benefits are relatively modest financial products, as aggressive investments. For example, steady advantage select Fund's fixed-income financial products, such as preferred stock, strike fund. But in the interest of safety of family assets, such investment should not be too much control in the 30%-40% family assets. Finally, the defence forces.

while high income is important, but increase the value of family assets is the ultimate goal of financial management. Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that in order to achieve this goal, family financial management process, 30%-50% family of funds can be used as an absolute conservative use, to prevent financial risks and protect themselves. Defense funds, which can be invested in savings, real estate, insurance and so on. Not the best investment in the world, but will have the best portfolio. Therefore, family financial management process, as long as according to the actual financial status of allocation of funds, it can improve the overall efficiency of managing investments.


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