The rules people actually make money? After watching the 5 reasons you will know the

after entering the community, everybody is struggling, struggling to survive, occasionally stopping to look around people, some people rich, but most people continue to struggle. If you look, you will notice that successful people have one thing in common, is that they have all kinds of struggles, and struggling people have one thing in common, that is too conformist. Why rules it's not successful, but not making money?

well-known third-party financial institutions financial planner believes that most likely was due to a few reasons.

1, way to make money to keep single too follow the rules might lead to a result, that's way too conservative a single money, in addition to salary income, thought the use of part-time employment, entrepreneurship, investment financing and other ways to make money in order to achieve the purpose of household incomes, improve their lives and wealth accumulation. So, they earn a lot naturally slower than others.

2, too timid, afraid to risk an obvious characteristic of the rule is too timid, risk, fear the slightest aberration misstep will cause his defeat. Such as finance and investment, most people will save money in the Bank, and did not dare to choose stocks, steady advantage select Fund and other investments. So, their investment income are not too high.

3, banking concept too far behind the concept behind the, do not know how the times, is a marked feature of those who love rules. Because they have inertia, used to follow the principles they think is right, and mistrust of new money-making ideas can have serious psychological and exclusion. Because of this mentality, they will miss and lose a lot of money, and chances of success.

4, too much confidence-banking law Jiafeng Reid financial planner believes that being too conformist, on a lot of things will not change. Therefore, in banking, will always believe that the financial rules, do not know flexibility according to their actual financial situation, and finally not only make money, but will lead to a loss.

5, does not know how to survive in the workplace rule, each area has its own rule, hierarchy and competition are more natural in the workplace as well. If too conformist, will only start working, no need for flexibility, it will lose a lot of opportunities for promotion and pay rise.

you know, unless it's system requirements, the company won't give employees a raise, if they do not fight, probably will not get the salary you want income. In addition, workplace competition, the promotion will be more difficult, if not for yourself, you will miss the opportunity.


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