Be alert! Six "misplaced" wealth erode your wealth

finance and investment, sometimes more is a State of mind, having a healthy financial state of mind can help you value a helping hand, and dislocation of financial psychology will introduce you into the fiscal abyss, following is a well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng Reid financial planner summary of six finance "dislocation" in the hope of the investors a chance for improvement!

"short-term speculation profit psychological"

investment financial of eventually purpose is to achieved wealth of hedge value-added, but this and speculation profit has nature of difference, speculation profit psychological will let investors frequently operation himself of funds, very easy into "Chase rose Chase high" of circles among, and investment risk is high, due to is speculation psychological, just consider of is market of hot and current of returns, once will funds Chase into, is easy quilt cover or is drain no return.

"corruption high seeking fast psychological"

financial of purpose is to get investment returns, and excessive of by Lee will let some investors into "corruption high seeking fast" of dislocation financial psychological in the cannot extricate themselves, corruption high that one-sided pursuit high returns, and seeking fast is is too eager for quick success and, rush, hope input of funds immediately on can profit, this "dislocation" of financial psychological is investment financial Shang of big bogey, Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division think its ignored has investment risk, actually is a gamblers mentality, Management was too narrow and too extreme, failed to put money in perspective.

"the false consensus bias"

false consensus bias overestimate on the banking and overestimate their ability and the correctness of the decision in the finance and investment. Of course, need to be confident and optimistic attitude in the financial, but not vain and blind optimism, if not based on one's own in the financial situation, and just feel good, self build properly and feeling, you will lose the right of making sense, not from market conditions, but to assume, since the investment failed to a bad end.

"fear losses psychological"

investment has risk, this is cannot denied of, but does not means with investment risk not control, are so-called "soldiers impermanence potential, water impermanence shaped", financial market changing, hard elusive, investment financial appeared losses is more normal of phenomenon, but because fear losses and can't release hands to do financial apparently is not desirable of, market of any trouble will caused investment returns of fluctuations even losses, And that's enough to make a on the pretext of financial fear afraid on foot, Carlingford ruide advisers think that learning to control investment risk or with professional financial institutions for their own finances is the risk of investment.


follow is common in investment banking, especially in the stocks, or stocks are sizzling after some popular themes is easy to draw a large follower, but a late entry and exit time will become buyers. Configuring other products also exist when such a phenomenon, people make a lot of money because of the investment in a project, they would go in, but in the end the investment earnings may be disappointing.

so Ka Feng Swiss de Financial Division think this blind follow of herd behavior does not desirable, others of financial mode does not must for himself, and each investors of wealth situation and risk bear capacity and gets of information are has is big of difference, blind follow only will let himself became a financial of follow who, and not active who, is easy was led with nose go, last into has financial dead end only reaction came.

"financial" inertia "psychological"

financial "inertia" that on wealth for investment distribution Shi used zhiqian of proportion or mode, but social is constantly changes development of, himself of family development stage is constantly changes of, financial "inertia" only will let you of investment direction or decision stay in past and cannot times, due to financial inertia, in for decision Shi is easy jump Xia judge, thinking also will from current of market situation, only by financial inertia for investment, Result of this is that failed to finance that investment may be selected, so watch out for bad financial "inertia" is very important.


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