BDI index have fallen sharply, another round of global economic winter

yesterday, the BDI index broke down 3.4%, 519 points, the index has fallen for 19 consecutive days. BDI index, the leading index is closely linked with the global economy, is a barometer of the global economy. Many people worry that this would herald another round of global economic winter come?

in history Shang, BDI index appeared had four times plunged, zhihou stock on appeared has big crash: 1986, BDI index first hit low, 1987 United States stock crash; 1999, BDI index this hit 12 low, one years Hou for Internet bubble burst raised has global stock plunged; 2008, BDI index plunged several months Hou, global outbreak has financial crisis; recently once is in 2014, BDI index and a round plunged, A year later ushered in a plunge in global stock markets. And this time it?

BDI index, the Baltic dry freight index, the index is managed by the Baltic Exchange in London, often referred to as the shipping industry "Dow Jones index" and the leading index of the global economy. Jiafeng well-known third-party financial institutions Financial Planner Reed said the BDI index is composed of four major airlines around the world with an average rent of ships decided, can also be interpreted as raw materials in bulk freight index.

because shipping is the transport in bulk of coking coal, coal, iron ore, steel and other related industries and the livelihood of the raw materials, BDI index also reflects the global economic situation. Today, the coal iron ore are in the winter, some producers are facing a very difficult stage, iron ore, coal has been discontinued to avoid additional losses.

asked when it would buy iron ore, some producers say, considering the steel's credit status is not very good, only when they are full of confidence, falling prices will stop, will you buy. Also entered the coal industry losses of "winter" period, the oversupply of more prominent. Fell 3.4%,BDI index slumped again, Jia Feng Shui de financiers reminds investors to guard against deflation. Deflation will weaken the companies willingness to invest, affecting demand for commodities, to make the economy into a vicious cycle.

individual investors how to prevent deflation? First of all, oil, gold and precious metals investment away from and, secondly, should focus on high quality fixed-income investment products, such as year of yield stability of the 6%-11.5% advantage select fund such good sound investment products; cash or cash equivalents. In addition, deflation is not good news for the stock, it is recommended to more cautious about investing in late, or by means of specialized financial institutions to help investment, you can configure the Bolivians quantitative hedge products tied to the stock market, such as MOM, can also play a role against the risk of the stock market.


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