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there was a time when talking about House prices is like eating, almost between friends and classmates will talk about topics, particularly for a generation, known as generation x. But after the after, 00, is unlikely to need to pay attention to price these topics, because the parents when they get married in the future, are ready for them. Jiafeng according to well-known domestic wealth management firm Reed financial planner to know, in recent days, according to a new report released by the Chinese Academy of social sciences, housing prices in 2016, a wave after Cliff fall in the second quarter.

this message is to not purchase part of the generation of a "Gospel". The report noted that housing market picks up next year without a sound foundation, volatility of high risk. In addition, the divergent trends in the housing market has become increasingly serious. Among them, three or four cities in the form of more severe. Report data show that excess housing inventory in the country reached 2.1 billion. Among them, the existing surplus of 100 million, digestion period of over 18 months; auction surplus of 1.99 billion, digestion period of over two years. Under the high inventories, housing investment also dropped rapidly, down to 2015 1 1.3% levels in October. In 2014, the data 9.2%. Under this scenario, inventories have become real estate dilemma must ...

therefore, the report also recommended that the Government "control" idea is to inventory, implement surge in house sales, even if real estate Enterprise Fund chain can continue to operate against the ups and downs of the real estate and related companies, resulting in increased risk of default and transfer and affecting the real economy. Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that in the inventory of policy initiatives in the Central Government "mortgage interest tax credit", became the first breakthrough.

December 1 in the afternoon, after news broke of the policy, even causing a wave of real estate stocks in the stock market explosion. Includes 9 real estate shares such as vanke and poly real estate group rose. About mortgage interest tax, Carlingford Rhett's advisers pointed out that can be simply treated as a reduction of about 15%-about 45% of mortgage interest, which will reduce the capital cost of buying, activate the purchase needs.

However, in demand after the initial release, analysis of the Academy of social sciences, believes that after the second quarter of 2016, could see a wave of Cliff falls in house prices. Jiafeng Reid financial planner reminder for investors, future prices in addition to the first-tier cities are still likely to rise beyond three or four tier prices, could face a new wave of adjustments. Therefore, investors with spare cash, and prudent investment. The purchases, also depends on the situation, is it necessary to delay purchases, and to do other investments, and increase revenue.

at present, the investment of idle funds, short-term fixed-income products in the configuration is good, steady advantage select Fund, 6%-11.5% yields, relative to the price growth or even negative growth rates, it is still very competitive. In short, if they really expected, such as Cass, cash buyers to delay the purchase may be more cost-effective, but in the meantime, recommended that funding is not idle, by doing additional sound investment can still earn a lot of money, it can be considered an economic compensation for delayed the purchase.


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